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PPC Agency Los Angeles, California

We provide you best Pay Per Click (PPC) management services for your business. At Apex Global Solutions, we believe that money spends on PPC campaigns and Return On Investment generated go hand in hand. Whether you are looking to increase your sales or just to improve your online presence, we will deliver best result and targeted traffic that matches your marketing goals.

Pay Per Click advertising or more famously known as PPC campaigning is one of the most preferred web based marketing practices that drives targeted traffic to your site. Unlike search engine optimization, PPC drives instant result to your business. Similar to placing advertise on any print medium or electronic medium, Pay Per Click advertising is a process of placing an ad on search engines to attract more customers. Being an SEO Company LA we know how to perform the keyword research and what the current trends to be consider while selecting few out of bunch. We use different tools to analyse the perform ability of keywords for your PPC campaign.

However, there is some difference between simply placing an ad in magazine and on search engine networks. The online advertising is based on the auctioning process that allows the advertisers to bid for their choice of keywords, budget, clicks, time, location and other factors of his choice. It shows the link of particular website when searched specific keywords on search engines under sponsored links.

Pay Per Click Management Services Provided By Apex Global Solutions Are:

  • Professional Account Management Service With Complete Transparency
  • Keyword Research Service And Reporting Of Highly Effective Keywords For PPC Campaign
  • Multiple Account Setup And Management
  • Highly Targeted And ROI Driven Campaigns
  • Insightful Research And Best Practice For Optimizing Higher Click Through Ratio
  • Creative Ad Content Writing
  • Advance Tracking
  • Reporting With Insightful Observations
  • Competitive Research
  • Bid Optimization

Our PPC Management Process

  • Research:

    Research is one of the core processes for any PPC campaign we drive for our clients. We run through the hundreds of keywords and select the best appropriate keyword that matches the requirement of higher search volume, targeted traffic and budget as well. We also run through the competition for each website and analyze what others are doing effectively to get more business through paid advertising.
  • Strategy:

    We process every PPC campaigns through learning about the industry, advertising objective and competition and based on that we drive each campaign to it's unique selling point. We strategize most appropriate PPC campaign based on the budget you suggest for your website.
  • Reporting:

    We monitor your campaign on regular basis or specific run time. We strive to get best results for the money you spent on your advertising effort and give you highest CPC and CTR ratio to reduce cost and improve ROI. We provide detailed reports mentioning your Cost Per Click (CPC) amount that we bid for your keywords to run campaigns and Click Through Ratio (CTR) showing how many times the ad is shown compare to get clicked.

At Apex Global Solutions, we know that PPC marketing is a practical and target-driven process that play constructive role for any organization gaining business online. As a leading Los Angeles PPC agency, we believe in learning through deep research process and analyze data, maintain and improve the overall campaign. Our PPC campaign management process is different than others as before setting any goal or running though bidding for keywords; we give importance to demographic and geographic database research to consider the final keywords for the advert.