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Our Technology

What helps any organization to grow and achieve success? Yes, it is the best in class quality services integrated with the latest technologies on board.

With the advancement in research and development, technologies are frequently changing. And it also makes any organization to upgrade the technology as well to stay in line with the current trends. We at Apex Global Solutions, one of the leading website design and web development organizations based in Los Angeles, California largely focus on providing the best in class technology with upgraded infrastructure so that our clients can enjoy the best online presence.

Following are the different technologies that we customise to develop web design projects for our clients.

  • CSS: Cascading Style Sheets developed and approved by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) as a web publishing language. It is mainly applied to add formatted text and images into the website documents by using special codes for particular colors, text fonts, spaces and paragraphs. The foremost use of CSS is to provide style to different markup language documents in HTML and XHTML. We at Apex Global Solutions provide such services with all search engine approved markup language that helps you rank well in search engine.
  • HTML: Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) is the leading markup language for creating structured design using numbers, lists, links, paragraphs, images, video and more. It ads interactive values like forms and registration on the page.
  • Web 2.0:Web 2.0 is the terminology connected with the website applications that allows the visitor side interaction, information sharing and association with users based on social media websites, video sharing sites, blogs and more. We prominently use web 2.0 to design website that increase the interaction with visitors on website.
  • PHP: Technically known as Hypertext Preprocessor is a commonly used website and programming scripting language for developing dynamic content, command line scripting and offering GUI at the client's side.
  • MySQL: This is open source database management system that is based on the SQL. MySQL is used commonly for web publishing, adding, modifying and removing data or information from the source database.
  • .NET: It is a server side scripting language and web application framework designed for web development. It gives you platform to produce dynamic website pages and allow programmers to develop different web application to run on the website.
  • Java: Java is a programming language that is specifically designed for implementations dependencies as possible. It gives option of WORA - write once, run anywhere for programmers to develop client-server web applications.

We select the use of technology based on the customised requirements and we always opt for the minimum cost and time duration for developing any website design project. Our trained team of website developer and designers are well versed with the list of technologies mentioned herewith and many more based on the customised requirement of any project.