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E-Mail Marketing Campaigns & Newsletters Customization

Creating a successful E-Mail marketing campaign that gets noticed.

E-Mail marketing is one of the most cost effective ways of marketing your business and communicating directly with your customers. At Apex Global Solutions, we have help organizations by designing result oriented and customised E-Mail marketing campaigns of all types, categories and sizes that make the most of their campaigns. Business consultants, individuals, charity organizations, large scale industries and E-Commerce portals all have benefited with the customised E-Mail marketing campaign designed by us.

Our E-Mail Marketing Campaign Methodology:

At Apex Global Solutions, before doing anything for your E-Mail marketing campaign, we develop a strategy based on the audience, their demographic and geographic research, message and type of the product or service. We analyze the content of the E-Mail based on it's category whether it is an informative campaign or a sales driven. We also plan different E-Mail designs based on customised requirements and do the variable testing to know which one is better compare to others.

We also plan in advance about what all are your keywords needs to be highlighted into the message, what are your primary objectives you want to achieve from the E-Mail marketing campaign and what calls of action you are looking for once the E-Mail is delivered. We consider linking your E-Mail with the website of yours as well as other social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube. Key step of E-mail marketing process of Apex Global Solutions is mentioned below.

  • Creating Attractive Design Template: Our E-mail marketing campaigns comes with custom designed template to show all your brand credentials with design that viewers can relate to your brand or organisation. Our E-Mail template is filled with images, brand logo, links to website and social media channels. We consider resizing images to make it fast loading and keeping away from marking as spam.
  • Producing Short & Informative Content: Designing an E-mail template with large and complicated content that is not useful for readers will not help organizations to grab attention. Therefore we ensure that your E-Mail has right subject line and content based on central idea of message. The key here is to make content appropriate for the audience it is meant for, in other case it would lose the chance of getting noticed and inspiring reader to take action. In addition, far from automated mailing system our E-Mail marketing campaigns comes with human touch to give reader more individual feel that company or person is talking with him.
  • Creating Compatibility With Multiple Devices: At Apex Global Solutions, we know that an E-Mail that cannot reach to the target audience is of no use. Therefore as an E-Marketing company based in Los Angeles we focus on making your template compatible with multiple devices. We make sure that your E-Mail has to fit on the smart phone as well as tablet devices at the same time it shows all required details.
  • Performance Tracking Tool: Once the E-mail has been sent, the next step for us is to track the result and action taken based on the E-Mail links. Our E-Mail marketing campaign tracking helps organizations to determine the effectiveness of the campaign and find out the key performing index based on the result.

There is no need to pay for expensive E-Mail marketing campaigns. With Apex Global Solutions, you can send E-newsletters and promotional mails to your potential customers at a price you can afford. With our dedicated E-Mail marketing service, you can manage your own lists of receivers and send professionally designed E-mail so that your customers can remained informed about your services.